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IFS officer shares migratory path of bird taped by satellite tracker

Published: Published Date – 02:42 PM, Fri – 23 September 22.

Watch: IFS officer shares migratory route of bird recorded by satellite tracker
Migratory path of a bird taped by the satellite tracker.

Hyderabad: A bird, Pallid Harrier or pale, shocked Gujarat Forest Department authorities as it took a trip a range of 6000 km from Gujarat toRussia

The man bird flew from Gujarat and crossed Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan prior to reaching Russia.

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The authorities fitted a small solar-powered satellite tracker on the bird to track its flight.

The bird, tagged in the Asiatic Lion Landscape on 10 March 2021, began its flight 2 week after it was tagged, and covered a range of 5923.3 km in 248 hours.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan required to Twitter to share the video.

“See how less migratory humans are. A Pallid Harrier was satellite tagged and its route was monitored. The bird traveled 6000 km and went up to Russia. Beautiful revelations. The real tourists !!” checked out the post from the officer.

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The research study was performed by the Central Asian Flyway on 4 raptors, consisting ofPallid Harrier

Watch it here:


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