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Great Bustard nests in Slovakia for very first time in 12 years

Ornithologists have actually found a Great Bustard nest in Slovakia for the very first time in 12 years..

The bustard is one of the most threatened bird types in Slovakia and breeding is now extremely unusual. The nest was found in May, in the safeguarded Sys ľovské Polia location nearBratislava

Great Bustard last reproduced in Slovakia in 2010 (Steve Laycock).

The last verified Great Bustard nest in the nation remained in 2010. This year, according to Jozef Ridzo ň of the Slovak Ornithologist Association, keeping track of verified that a minimum of 2 chicks hatched.

Great Bustard utilized to be extensive in Slovakia, with 1,165 chicks counted in 1956.

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“Studies have actually revealed that the birds have the ability to get utilized to heavy makers moving them, that they do incline people in lorries. On the other hand, birds are distressed by bicyclists, individuals on strolls or roller-skates. That triggers them to fly away,” Jozef Chavko of Raptor Protection informed the TASR newswire.

An EU LIFE task, Steppe On the Border, is working to change Sys ľovské Polia into abundant meadows, with Great Bustard among the top priority types.

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